Greenhouse Covers

Greenhouse cultivation is a widespread practice throughout the world. Thanks to the latest advances in these crops, we get harvests in off-season, a greater precocity in crops and ensure production despite the inclement weather that can damage open-pit crops. These are the main advantages of greenhouse production:

- Precocity of harvests

- Increase in yields (higher and better production)

- Possibility of obtaining crops out of season

- Saving water

- Better climate control (temperature, humidity...)

- Better control of diseases and pests

- Fruits of higher quality (clean, healthy, uniform...)

- Possibility of obtaining several harvests per year

The greenhouse covers are manufactured using mixtures in multilayer plastic polymer structures and must correctly manage the light that passes inside the greenhouse to ensure that it is of the highest quality possible depending on the type of crop, the area and its specific needs.

At Plastyagro® our greenhouse plastics have the best quality on the market, guaranteeing an optimal performance.





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