Our commitment

What we are

Plastyagro® is a company consisted of non-conformist people, who believe that things could be changed by talent. That is why we try to add creativity in every project, with the aim of think different to achieve a change in attitudes and behaviours.

Our commitment with Environment is not a trend, is a permanent value which is in each activity we undertake. Always looking at the future in order to build a more competitive agriculture and industry sectors. 

What we love

We love our environment and we believe that it is necessary to protect it for future generations. Also, we invest in technological innovation as a path to the progress. 

We have got a global vision, because our values are shared by a global community worldwide. 

What we will always be 

We will always be curious, always looking for the way to improve our environment and helpinng the development of the agricultural and industrial activity.

We expect that the technology aloww us to grow up, empowering the producers in order to cultivate healthy food. We look for simplicity too,  in order to a great majority can access to our products. 

What we hate

We hate that the client could not find the solutions they are asking for, or if they must choose between competitiveness and the care of the environment. That is why we offer integral solutions, because we have analyzed some needs that must be covered. And we want to keep working in this line. 

What we will never be

We will not sacrifice our professionalism and the quality of our products in order to get more benefits. Because the social benefit is important to us, we work with the highest standards of quality in order to satisfy the needs of our clients. And the user experience does not end until he/she repeats the purchase.

What we aspire to 

We aspire to become a reference point of manufacturing and selling biodegradable plastic for the agricultural sector. And we want to keep innovating in order to create new materials more respectful with the environment, guaranteeing the best performance of the crops. 

Because we are committed to the environment, the agriculture and the industry. Because we are committed to the future.