Plastic for reservoirs

The lack of water acts as a conditioner of the agricultural development of the regions, making agriculture largely dependent on the weather. For this, reservoirs or water ponds optimize the use of this natural resource. But not all farms have the size and resources to build large reservoirs, so the best alternative to this need for water storage is the construction of small reservoirs, waterproofed with plastic sheets.
The plastic used stands out for its economic price and the ease of its installation.


Traditional Installation or Gravel Reservoir:

This installation is made in reservoirs of soft slopes, where the sheet is covered with sand and gravel in order to protect it from solar degradation and other types of physical aggressions (hail, animals, etc.).

Outdoor Installation:

In this type of installation the sheet is placed on the surface of the reservoir, proceeding to the realization of the welding. This type of installation admits reservoirs with more slopes, although the material reaches a significantly shorter duration than the traditional one.


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