Values of our company

Plastyagro® Soluciones Integrales, S.L.U. is a company from Extremadura with a global vision, which manufactures plastic for the agricultural and industrial sector. After many years of experience in Extremadura, the good results booth the company in order to keep working internationally, opening markets in other countries.  

We could achieve this thanks our company values,  which are the base of our philosophy and our procedures:  

  • Excellence: Plastyagro® has got a wide career path thanks we push ourselves in order to offer the best service in every project we undertake. 
  • Leadership: We work every day to continue being a benchmark in the sector, guaranteeing the best quality and adapting us to the needs and requests of our clients. 
  • Closeness: We are a team of professionals highly skilled and able to assist your needs, with years of experience and very focussed on the last innovations of the sector, in order to improve the competitiveness of our clients and providers. 
  • Environmental Commitment: In Plastyagro® we believe in an agriculture more sustainable, as an essential element to guarantee the future of the primary sector. Consequently, dFor some time we have created a new line of business: Enviroplast®, a line of biodegradable plastic with the main objective of improving the agricultural and environmental quality of the crops. 
  • International vision: We are a company with an important international growth, expanding our markets to Europe and Africa. We think local and act global to keep growing.