Welcome to the #Greenvolution

The #Greenvolution is the revolution of everybody that wants to change the world, in order to get an economy more respectful with the Environment, specially in the field of the agricultural sector. And, how can we achieve it? It is very easy: act as you think and join the #Greenvolution. 

In Plastyagro® we have created Enviroplast®, an innovative plastic mulch for the vegetable crops that does not have to be removed at the end of the cultive, because it is 100% biodegradable under soil.

The film can be adapted to different crops and different climate conditions, as a versatile material for any vegetable in Europe. Also the product has been tested in different countries of the continent, in order to achieve the best performance.  

Enviroplast® has added values in contrast to conventional plastic,established in three main criteria:

Environmental benefits

Obviously the main benefit is that we have achieve the total elimination of any residue in the productive chain. The microorganisms of the soil can proccess the plastic molecules, becaming it into carbon dioxide, biomass and water. The proccess of biodegradation depends on the specific environment (weather, soil quality, population of microorganisms), although the tests have been run in different European countries have been yielded the expected results: the achievement of a 100% biodegradation. 

With this product, also you can reduce the levels of CO2 generated by transport, because de plastic does not have to be removed or carried to the clean point. 

Economical benefit

Enviroplast® has got several economical benefits, related to the saving of direct costs: because you do not have to remove the plastic, you save time and workforce. Also there are some indirect costs like the improvement of the soil, more productivity and yields for the crops, water saving, precocity of the cultive, etc.

Social benefit

Enviroplast® helps to improve the quality of your crop, and with that you can achieve a better image as a quality producer, in your country and abroad. The application of biodegradable plastics in the agriculture increases the competitiveness of the land, because of the innovation. That contributes to stop the depopulation in rural areas and to improve the quality of life of these people; thanks to the creation of quality jobs related to agriculture.