Conventional Mulch

1,2 mts wide per 100 mts long. Ideal for little vegetable gardens. Easy to handle and easy to apply.
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Everyone knows that the mulching technique gets a lot of benefits. On one hand, because we can save water (up to 30%), and on the other hand we can increase the yields of our crop (up to 15%). Also with the mulch we preserve the soils and it acts as an herbicide.

So we can offer to you a roll very handle in a small format, which allows the application only for one campaign. 


Producto: 100% virgin LDPE (Low density polyethylene)

Width: 1200 mm

Length: 100 metros lineales

Thickness: 60 gauges (15µ)

Packaging measures: 650x95x95 mm (widexlongxhigh).

Delivery: Inmediately

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